Unaccredited Courses


2019 sees the launch of our online unaccredited short courses.  Designed for those wishing to grow deeper in their relationship with God.  And those seeking to expand their Biblical understanding. These will be available online and are designed for individuals to undertake at their convenience.



Diploma (Audit / Unaccredited Version)


We also offer the opportunity for students to undertake the Diploma of Ministry as an audit student.  This allow for study at a substantially reduce rate to the accredited course program.  Audit students have the opportunity to participate in camps and have there work accessed by CRC Training markers and obtain a CRCT certification.  This course, however, is not accredited nationally. 

CRCT Certificates - COMING SOON!


We are currently working on something special in this space. Once we are done overhauling our certificates you'll love what we come up with. For more details please contact us.