Weird Stuff We Do

We do weird stuff because we’re trying to get God to bless us. We’ll travel long distances, at enormous cost, to visit a particular place where the blessing is currently being manifest in some way. We’ll fast for days and pray for hours, both in tongues and in our own languages. Some people have denied themselves sleep for extended periods and others have cut themselves off from human contact. Most, although perhaps not all, of these are valuable spiritual disciplines which can, if entered into with the right motives and in submission to the will of God, be of great value. The problem is that these right motives are elusive unless we have right understanding of the blessing of God.

Identity: Part 1

The next era for our children looks to be just as confusing and the question we must ask ourselves is, what legacy are we leaving for them? Foundational pillars that have been in place for centuries have been removed. I’m not against change, but I am against change for change sake. If something needs to be removed and replaced we need to make sure it is an improvement on the past, not less certainty