Untapped Potential

Untapped Potential


Hey guys

Bouncing off Erinruth’s blog from last month (see https://bit.ly/2AlckEi if you missed it) , this month I want to push on the untapped potential thought.

Did you know about that?

That you have so much untapped potential?

I’m not talking about what you can do better, try harder or how you can work more efficiently to untapped your potential. I’m talking about you, as a living, breathing being, having vast sums of totally untapped potential within you, already, right now.

You do not need to do anything

You do not need to fix anything

It’s who you are – right now


Considering you are reading a blog on a Bible College site, I’m figuring you are a believer in Jesus Christ, and therefore a Christian. So that means you have untapped potential because:


            Everything you put your hands to prospers


My Scriptural backing for this statement is that under the law Jesus Christ fully obeyed the LORD our God and followed all his commands. Therefore the blessings of the old covenant, as detailed by Deut 28 for example, are his. There was no disobedience in Christ; therefore there are no associated curses for disobedience. With his life, death, burial and resurrection, the covenant between God and his people was fulfilled (what we know to be the old covenant) and a new covenant between God and the Son of God, Jesus Christ, was introduced. Our belief in Jesus Christ places us in Christ. Therefore we are co-heirs with Christ and recipients of the all the blessings of God (because we are in him and he is due all the blessings of God because of his life, death and resurrection), which includes the blessing of the old covenant, such as Deut 28, in which it states everything we put our hands to prospers, as well as the new covenant, such as all the promises of God are yes and amen in Christ (2 Cor 1:20), everything we say and believe will happen (Mark 11:22-26), and we live lives blessed with all spiritual blessings (Eph 1:3).


So if everything you put your hand to can prosper, what are the desires of your heart that you can put your hand to? This, I believe, is where much of our untapped potential lies.



Learning from, and with, people you’ll never meet.

Learning from, and with, people you’ll never meet.