Weird Stuff We Do

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We do weird stuff because we’re trying to get God to bless us. We’ll travel long distances, at enormous cost, to visit a particular place where the blessing is currently being manifest in some way. We’ll fast for days and pray for hours, both in tongues and in our own languages. Some people have denied themselves sleep for extended periods and others have cut themselves off from human contact. Most, although perhaps not all, of these are valuable spiritual disciplines which can, if entered into with the right motives and in submission to the will of God, be of great value. The problem is that these right motives are elusive unless we have right understanding of the blessing of God.

Whether God will bless us, or whether he’ll bless us more in a particular place, or on a particular occasion, or if we behave in a particular way is simply the wrong question! It’s a nonsense!

He has blessed us, with all spiritual blessings! With every spiritual blessing that’s available in heaven! All these blessings are ours in Christ, right here and right now (Ephesians 1:3). They don’t come because of what we do, or don’t do, they have come because of what he has done. God has given us his blessing and he will not change his mind.

So, if we feel a lack of blessing, the issue is not in his giving, but in our receiving, in our faith. He loves us too much to make it all automatic, or mechanical or formulaic as if it comes from some kind of vending machine. The blessing is personal, with three persons involved; it’s from the Father, it’s in Christ, and to us, as children of God who are in Christ. So, the key to experiencing the blessing we’ve already received in Christ, is in our relationship with the Father. And that’s where some of the spiritual disciplines mentioned above can help. They can help us to develop awareness and enjoyment of our relationship with God in Christ