Why Study?

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It’s a question I’ve asked many times when talking with people about why they want to study. The answers can be wide and varied – and not always what you might expect. Some people have a strong sense of what they want to study and what they hope to accomplish as a result. They have a clear plan for completing study with inroads for potential future vocations. Other people study because they are bored with their current job, they want a new challenge or just want to learn for the sake of learning without having any real reason to study.

Whatever the motivation for studying is, here are a few good things to consider when contemplating study:

 The Peace of God – God wants to see all of us grow and achieve. However, we always want to be doing God’s will at the right time in our life. So it’s good pray and seek wise counsel before committing to study.

Time length of the course – are you prepared to stick with the course for its entirety? Even with full-time/part-time/external study options, make sure you can see yourself actually completing the course.

Your Time commitment for study – are you prepared to make space in your weekly routine to make sure you have enough time for keeping up with the study load? This is always the biggest obstacle for people once they start studying so it’s worth considering beforehand.

Goals or aims for what you will do after study – You don’t necessarily need a clear plan of exactly what you’re going to do once you finish.  However, if you have goals or ideas, it helps to keep you on track for completion and gives you a vision of what your study can lead to.

Who benefits from the study – is the study only of interest to you, or can you see it having an impact on others? Again, this can give you a sense of purpose for studying if you see the benefits to yourself and others.