Our college life is fun, engaging, challenging and full of surprises. We offer several different courses so you have the right college fit for your calling. All of these will involve you being an active member of your local church, so attending weekend services, prayer meetings and getting involved in one or more areas of ministry to build your practical experience is necessary.

You'll also spend a lot of time studying God's word, great leadership books and other academic resources that will help you on your journey. 

In addition to this, we hold multiple interstate camps per year which is where you'll get to meet your fellow students, speakers and so much more!

Not only that but as well as getting lots out of the academic aspects of the college, it's the place people tend to make those life long ministry friends. Some of the most fun and exciting experiences come from making memories on ministry adventures. 

We do our best to help you make your college life balance with your family life, work life and personal life so that you can finish college and step into the life that God has called you to.

I really loved how the Vanuatu trip gave us the opportunity to practically apply the theological principles we had been learning, in a new and different context. For me personally, the highlight was receiving a new understanding of God’s heart for missions; How He is global in His endeavour but personal in His practise. It was an honour be given the opportunity to partner with Pastor Remy in his vision for the islands, through both encouraging the members of the church there, as well as evangelising in among the community. Particularly great were the services that our teams ran on the island of Emau, where we saw people receive Jesus for the first time, renew their commitment to their faith, and receive the gift of tongues. Best of all was the realisation that God was already at work in Vanuatu, just as He is everywhere, and we were there as servants, called to partner with Him in His mission.

Being in an environment where we could be called upon to serve at any point was both challenging and exhilarating, and it really solidified the truth that everything we do is about Jesus and for Jesus. It went beyond being an educational or life experience, but was another reminder that this is our purpose here on earth; to see all Creation reconciled through Jesus to the Glory of God the Father.
— College student

Already applied? 

Congratulations! You have a very exciting time ahead of you. There is a few bits of paperwork you'll need to fill out plus a student handbook and some other goodies you'll want to read. To make it easy, we have got all of it on our website.  You can download it here