Why Choose Us

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With so many college options why choose us? We see ourselves as more than just a college that wants to impart 'book knowledge' but as a training college designed from the ground up to help you step into what God has called you to do. 

We have some of the best biblical teaching from scholars in our movement and we incorporate a variety of practical teaching from pastors and leaders from across the nation. We cover a variety of Australian ministry perspectives like creative arts, youth ministry, senior church leadership and more. This not only gives you a strong Biblical foundation but also helps broaden your academic skill set. We cover this in a variety of settings such as online, classroom and also interstate camps. Our camps are life changing and provide you both opportunities to minister and be ministered to as well as connect with other students.

Practical hands on training


We believe that while a practical academic focus is critical, you also need opportunities to outwork that newly gained knowledge and develop real ministry experience. So we partner with your local church to help you gain a real world understanding of how to walk out the call of God on your life. These ministry experiences are tailored to your skills, passions and abilities so you don't just gain just any experience but the experience you need to launch yourself.

Field work overseas


We also offer opportunities for you to make a positive impact and gain 'hands on field ministry experience overseas with short term trips each year that offer you a variety of tasks such as social justice, community development and ministry work.  

Bethel School of Worship


We believe in broadening your practical academic understanding with teaching from not just Australia but internationally. In addition to some of the best Australia has to offer in academic teaching we also partner with Bethel Church in the USA whose ground breaking school of worship has made waves in a fresh approach to teaching leadership in worship and creative arts. As part of studying with us you'll hear teaching directly from Bethel School of Worship speakers such as Brian & Jenn Johnson and travel to the USA for a 2 week on campus Bethel School of Worship intensive with guest lecturers, speakers and Bethel worship artists. For more info please see the video below:

Our desire is to change your life.

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So at the end of studying with us not only will you know more but you will have experienced more. Our mission, our goal and our drive isn't just to be another college option, but a place where you discover, outwork and journey into the call God has placed on your heart; be that in business, in ministry or any other sphere of life.

For more information on how studying with us can change your life contact us.